Friday, 12 February 2010

General Synod Assault

General Synod 2010, Assault of protestor- Church House Great Smith St Westminster

Today at approx 12:20pm I held a banner in view of the General Synod inside Church House, I was immediately attacked by approx 4 or more security guards who destroyed the paper banner which read: "JESUS WAS VEGAN TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM CLIMATE CHANGE. COMPASSION NOT KILLING! (CHECK CRUCIFIXION & CLEANSING OF TEMPLE)".

The Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of York witnessed the attack, the Archbishop of York was instructing security saying “Leave him alone” etc. but the security guards ignored his instruction. When being escorted out I said in a loud voice "Geneses 1:29, Thy Kingdom come, Christians are supposed to be Vegan!" a security guard then put his hand over my mouth while I was being held by other security guards.

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