Thursday, 25 September 2008

Liberal & Labour Conference 2008

Attended Lib Dem conference at Bournmouth, displayed banners BAN TOBACCO and VEGETARIANISM also on soapbox Freedom of Speech Article 10 E.C.H.R. (All may speak for 3 minutes)

Spoke with lots of MPs went to lots of fringe meetings, main activity was speaking from soapbox promoting vegetarianism. (Received media coverage BBC News etc.)

It was more or less the same at the Labour conference Manchester, but also promoted (with models) the idea of Domicile Allotments, the police had my soapbox taken away as a security threat? (Received media coverage Granada TV. etc.) will give more deatails later also check

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


T.U.C. conference at Brighton this banner was displayed on the soap box.
Article 10 E.C.H.R.
All are welcome to speak (For 3 minutes)

This banner possibly appeared on TV. behind the Chancellor, Prime Minister and possibly others on Tuesday
Planet & People

God's Will (Gen. 1:29), Climate Change, famine, de-forestation, species extinction, cruelty, compassion, public health, release of land, efficient use of land, cost of food etc.

Health Minister & Actors Smoking
are enticing children into holocaust
1 billion deaths this century. (W.H.O.)
That's 15 times greater than the total war dead of the 20th century!

Tony Benn informed me that trade unionism was based on the christian principle of "What you do unto the least of these you do unto me." Tony is a fan of christianity but not of the church!

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